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Kevin Reilly Collection. Made famous for his innovative creations incorporating electrical light into wax candles, Kevin Reilly set a standard for lighting that is both rustic, romantic and chic. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, this self-taught artist and designer has been producing custom furniture and light fixtures for architects and designers for the past decade.

Kevin Reilly fuses the rustic, architectural, romantic and industrial, into modern design. The collection showcases an array of sconces and hanging fixtures, mixing clean lines with warmth and romantic allure. Newer from Reilly are the glass and metal lanterns, with similar attributes to earlier designs, modern but historically referential.

Reilly’s team works in a truly collaborative effort, taking great pride in their work. Production begins and ends in his workshop, starting with sheets of steel that are fabricated and finished into excellently crafted fixtures. Reilly’s iconic candle motifs are constructed of specifically formulated wax and set to give the same ambient and soft glow of candlelight. Individually handcrafted, Kevin Reilly lighting has become a mainstay in the industry.

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