Andreea Braescu

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Andreea Braescu is a visual artist, who works with porcelain to create bespoke light sculptures. Her pieces breathe life into interior spaces, bringing the feeling of harmony and peace that nature gives us when we are outdoors, blissful and free. Constantly inspired by the beauty and complexity of the natural world, especially by the way it creates harmony through apparent randomness. She follows the philosophy of emotion-driven design, striving to create a feeling of natural warmth and lightness that nourishes both heart and spirit.

She works with fine bone china, which is an especially translucent phosphatic porcelain.  Each element is unique, meticulously crafted with an individuality and form all its own.  Although a notoriously difficult material, porcelain’s ability to capture and reflect light with such softness and warmth captivated her.

When fired, its fluid lines create a structure that is incredibly strong, yet beautifully delicate. Andreea is deeply indebted to the craftspeople and technically brilliant artists who work with her and help breathe life into her vision. Every day, they strive to capture the essence of living nature and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible, for materials and for technology.

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